Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Thanks to Heather Mackey Brown, I've been inspired to write another post.

While I understand it's been a while, I have my excuses....

So at the end of May, I met this guy....yeah he's pretty swell. This may potentially be the cheesiest post I have/or ever will write, but I'm okay with that. You see this guy just so happens to bring out the best in me and challenges me daily. I'm more than blessed to have him in my life..not to mention my parents love the boy too.

He comes from a GREAT family and loves Jesus, sports, & traveling just as much as I do. What's not to love?

So here he is...William Langston Ivy. If you're my friend and haven't met him yet, you will. Excited more than ever about the journey the Lord is taking us on!

Love you all. Back to work, just wanted to share :)

This is Will!

This was in his hometown, New Albany MS where I got to meet his sister and her sweet husband and kids. What a fun day at the pool! She was a Chi O too :) Loves it.