Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As I'm sure you've all heard, Nashville was hit was the 10th biggest flood in American history. It's hard to believe that we were just enjoying out trip to downtown on Saturday night, eating at a restaurant that is now underwater.

Catastrophic damage has been done to our beloved city-it's really hard to wrap my mind around it. People's homes are destroyed, some have lost their businesses, pets are missing. Not one person in Nashville can say that haven't been directly affected by this tragedy. Whether or not it affected their home directly, everyone knows someone who has lost everything.

Here's a couple of pictures that I took when heading to downtown Nashville yesterday to see the damage. Water was rising up around my feet while I was taking the pictures and is still continuing to do damage downtown. So please pray for this area and the lives of those who have been affected. It truly is a sad situation but at least we know the Lord is in control and has a master plan behind all of the tragedy. He is good.

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